"My internship at moonbird has given me interesting insights for later." - Esther Bourdeaud'hui
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"My internship at moonbird has given me interesting insights for later." - Esther Bourdeaud'hui

August 22nd, 2022,

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"My internship at moonbird has given me interesting insights for later." - Esther Bourdeaud'huifeatured image

It is our mission at moonbird to help people worldwide with stress, anxiety, and sleep problems in an easy way, through slow breathing. However, there is something else that is very important to us, and that is to create an inspiring, open, and pleasant environment for everyone working on this mission.

We are a small, close-knit, and enthusiastic team, supplemented with students who we want to give every opportunity to grow, learn, and above all have a good time during their internship. What is it like to do an internship at moonbird? Esther Bourdeaud'hui (21) worked with us for three months during her studies in business management with a major in SME and entrepreneurship. Here she tells about her experiences.

Moonbird feels like a group of friends working together on a beautiful project, which makes it extra fun to work for.

Esther, why did you choose an internship at moonbird?

"I have the ambition to start a small business myself at some point, so an internship within an SME offers great added value for me. It ensures more insight into the various roles within a company and an understanding of their coherence. When I first came in contact with moonbird, the company immediately appealed to me. I think the product of moonbird is a very interesting concept and I strongly believe that it can help people. So I was very happy to become a part of it."

What was your role within moonbird?

"My internship was focused on digital marketing. One of my main tasks was to increase brand awareness. In general, I was involved in working on social media during my internship. I was especially focused on optimizing Instagram. For example, I came up with fun stories to post every week. I also helped out with the creation of advertisements, such as creating video content, editing videos and preparing them as advertisements. In addition, I worked three days a week within the customer support team and I also took care of practical matters for trade fairs where moonbird was present."

What did you like about your internship at moonbird

"I was immediately pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere within the moonbird team. I quickly noticed how everyone treated each other equally and with respect. The team feels more like a group of friends working together on a beautiful project, which makes it extra fun to work for. The variety of tasks and the degree of independence I was given also appealed to me. It ensured that there was always something to do and the work never got boring.

What is the best thing you experienced during your internship?

"I had the opportunity to experience a special team-building day, which I thought was the best moment of my internship. After a breathing session guided by a Wim Hof instructor, we all went into an ice bath. I had never experienced this before and did not know what to expect. It was beautiful to experience how we supported each other, and that we all dared to do this. This team-building day ensured that we got to know each other (even) better, in a different way than in the everyday workplace. I also liked the fact that the interns were involved in this, and that no distinction was made, which is to moonbird's credit."

What do you take away from your internship?

"I have been given the freedom to determine the content of my internship myself. I was allowed to work independently on my projects, which ensured that I learned to manage things well and to distinguish between priorities. I am also grateful that I was able to see how important it is for different departments to work together in order to create a beautiful whole."

Why would you recommend an internship at moonbird to other students?

"I found it a very pleasant internship and I learned a lot about how moonbird works. It gave me interesting insights for later on in my life. Because you can pretty much shape and build your tasks yourself, you can also indicate what you would like to work on most and what you would like to grow in. And all this in a company with a great atmosphere!" Are you also interested in an internship at moonbird? Have a look at our career page, or send us an email: hello@moonbird.life.

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