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Breathwork to guide you through awkward family dinners

December 16th, 2023,

2 min read

Breathwork to guide you through awkward family dinnersfeatured image

The Christmas Eve family holiday dinner

Remember the sixth episode in season 2 of “The Bear”? Everyone’s all-too-familiar family trauma is on the holiday dinner table in this episode.

You're seated at the holiday dinner table, surrounded by your beloved family. The room buzzing with conversation, the clinking of cutlery, and the occasional burst of laughter. As the festive spirit fills the air, so does the inevitable – awkward questions about your personal life, a tipsy uncle sharing unsolicited opinions, or a heated debate about a controversial, political topic. We've all been there. Nodding politely while secretly wishing to be anywhere else.

The question is: how do you navigate these awkward conversations without losing your cool (or threatening one another with cutlery like in The Bear)?

Why relaxation techniques can come in handy

In these moments, relaxation techniques can be your secret weapon. When tensions rise, and the atmosphere gets uncomfortable, turning to simple, discreet methods to calm your mind can be incredibly effective.

Breathing exercises, in particular, are a powerful tool. They require no special equipment and can be done quietly, right at the dinner table. By focusing on your breath, you can shift your attention away from the chaos and regain a sense of inner peace and control. Easy, hein?

A simple breathing exercise to keep the head cool

Here's a practical exercise you can try when things get heated:

  1. First, ground yourself by feeling your feet firmly planted on the floor. This simple act of awareness brings you back to the present moment.
  2. Next, shift your focus to your breathing. Inhale deeply, feeling your chest and abdomen expand, and then exhale slowly, noticing the sensation of air leaving your body.
  3. Repeat this cycle at least three times, each breath slower and deeper than the last.

This process of turning inward and focusing on your breath allows you to detach from the conversation and maintain your composure. Continue until the awkward moment passes, avoiding engagement in potentially stressful topics.

Need a little extra help? Moonbird to the rescue

At moonbird, we understand that maintaining calm in stressful situations is easier said than done. That's why we offer additional support for those moments when you need a little extra help.

Our handheld tool is designed to be user-friendly and effective, providing you with the resources to manage stress and maintain your composure, even during the most challenging family dinners. With moonbird's guidance, navigating these moments becomes more manageable, allowing you to fully enjoy the festive season (without wanting to attack your annoying uncle with cutlery!).

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Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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