The power of moonbird in chronic fatigue syndrome and trauma recovery

February 2nd, 2022,

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The power of moonbird in chronic fatigue syndrome and trauma recoveryfeatured image

We developed moonbird to help you find your daily dose of relaxation, to experience inner calm and to sleep better. And it works; since the birth of moonbird in 2019 we have already been able to help thousands of people.

We are therefore grateful when we receive feedback from our users, which shows us that we are on the right track with our mission: to help you - and as many people as possible - discover the power of calm breathing, so you can experience more relaxation, peace and health in life.

Recently we received a letter from Monique, one of our users. We’re happy to share it here in our magazine so that hopefully even more people can benefit from breathing with moonbird, including those who are looking for ways to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and traumatic experiences. Because here too, moonbird can have a highly positive effect 🙏🏻

How moonbird supports chronic fatigue syndrome and trauma recovery

Read the letter:

“Initially I bought moonbird with the intention of finding more relaxation. I have CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), and my muscles are often tense from the severe fatigue, which makes me feel very heavy.

Moonbird seems to do more for me than I expected.

Because relaxing your muscles plays an important role in recovery from CFS/ME, I decided to buy moonbird. My expectations regarding relaxation were correct: my muscles relax as soon as I place the tool in either one of my hands. Breathing with moonbird also calms me down mentally, and makes me sleepy, due to a very comforting feeling as soon as I use it for more than three minutes.

Thanks to moonbird, applying exercises to process traumas finally turned out to be successful.

That being said, it turns out that moonbird does more for me than expected. In my case, traumatic past experiences are one of the causes of the development of CFS/ME. Fortunately, you can process these experiences with the help of various forms of therapy, methods or exercises. Years ago I was given exercises, but unfortunately these exercises did not help me.

Until I recently noticed a change. I was breathing with moonbird and at the same time I performed an exercise to process (relive) and 'remove' a traumatic experience from my system. Thanks to moonbird, applying this exercise to process traumas finally turned out to be successful.

Slow breathing and a calm nervous system appear to be essential in processing traumatic experiences.

In recent years I did not understand why the exercises to process trauma were not successful. Now that I have moonbird, I finally understand why: slow breathing and a calm nervous system appear to be essential. Moonbird lets you breathe in a calm and soothing way, and calms your nervous system. This combination makes that now I am able to process these traumatic experiences.

It is a great relief, and also great news: I can now work even better on CFS/ME recovery. I received my moonbird just before Christmas. So I see it as an amazing Christmas present for myself!”

The name Monique has been changed on request.

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