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“Moonbird has a very warm and fun startup vibe.” - Wout Van Bavel

January 10th, 2022,

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“Moonbird has a very warm and fun startup vibe.” - Wout Van Bavelfeatured image

It is our mission to help people worldwide with stress, anxiety, and sleeping problems, in an easy and effortless way. But there is another thing that is very important to us: to create an enjoyable, open, and warm workplace for everyone working on this mission.

We are a small, close-knit, and enthusiastic team, supplemented by students who we want to give all the space they need during their internship to grow, learn, and - most importantly - have a great time. What is it like to do an internship at moonbird? Wout Van Bavel (21), a third-year student of International Entrepreneurship at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp, has just completed his 14-week internship and shares his experiences.

“Moonbird breathes a really warm atmosphere. You can feel that when we are at work, but we also do a lot of fun things together after work.”
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Wout, why did you choose to do your internship at moonbird?

“When we could look for an internship at school, I had a ton of options to choose from. When I found moonbird, I immediately had a good feeling. I had looked up the company and read several articles in newspapers, this gave me the impression of a young and enthusiastic team with an interesting product. I did not necessarily have much connection with breathing and meditation beforehand, but I am very open to new methods and products.

I sent an email, after which I quickly sat down with Stefanie, the co-founder of moonbird. During this conversation my feelings were confirmed, we had a very lovely and open talk. And that is how I now experience my internships on a daily basis: moonbird has a very warm startup vibe.”

What is your role at moonbird?

“I am mainly focused on my graduation project, for which I am creating a strategic business case in the field of product development. But I also help with customer support, in the fulfillment center, actually everywhere. It's great to be able to participate and experience all these different aspects, and I get a lot of tips and advice in return as well.”

How did you experience your internship at moonbird?

“It has been shown to be an incredibly fun experience. I may have been a bit skeptical about working at a startup before I started my internship, as I thought that a startup would be a company that is not yet 100% ready for the market or to operate as it would want to. And that is partly true, but this was due to my own interpretation. It's not the case at all that we're not ready as a company. We function fully, grow fast, are flexible, and improve every day. It was so interesting to be able to gain this experience.

I’ve also received a lot of support from the moonbird team and from school. Of course, this works both ways: if you put in your effort yourself, you will get back in return.”

“I immediately got the feeling that I was part of the team”

What is your best experience during your internship?

“This was first of all the photoshoot we did, this was a really amusing day. I had only just started at moonbird at the time of the shoot, and I didn't know everyone that well yet. But I immediately got the feeling that I was part of the team. I can imagine that a company does not want to invite interns for such a photoshoot, but at moonbird they do: everyone is part of the team! That's what I like about a startup with a cool, young, and open-minded team.

What was also a great experience was the breathing session we did with the team, under the guidance of a professional breathwork coach. It was my first encounter with breathwork, a real revelation. I wasn't expecting it at all, but the experience was very interesting. It was also a great team outing, after the session we stayed to have dinner together and share our experiences.”

What was the biggest eye-opener of your internship?

“I found out that a startup environment might suit me better than I initially thought. It was an awesome experience and I feel like I really learned a lot.

In addition, before I started my internship, I thought that I might not be ready to start working yet and I had to continue studying for longer. This conviction has also been adjusted, I learn so much from being in a job and I am certainly ready to function within a company.”

“You can learn a lot at moonbird, in all areas”

Why can you recommend an internship at moonbird?

“Moonbird breathes a really warm atmosphere. You can feel that when we are at work, but we also do a lot of fun things together after work, such as breathing sessions, drinks, and parties.

Above all, you can learn a lot at moonbird, in all areas. The team consists of different people who fit well together. Anyone who is open-minded and motivated will certainly feel at home at moonbird.”

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