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“The moonbird team feels like a group of friends who are always there for each other” - Maeve Canning

January 10th, 2022,

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“The moonbird team feels like a group of friends who are always there for each other” - Maeve Canningfeatured image

It is our mission to help people worldwide with stress, anxiety, and sleeping problems, in an easy and effortless way. But there is another thing that is very important to us: to create an enjoyable, open, and warm workplace for everyone working on this mission.

We are a small, close-knit, and enthusiastic team, supplemented by students who we want to give all the space they need during their internship to grow, learn, and - most importantly - have a great time. What is it like to do an internship at moonbird? Maeve Canning (21), a third-year Health Technology student from Breda, The Netherlands, has just completed five months of working at moonbird. Here she shares her experiences.

“Moonbird immediately appealed to me, thanks to its vision to improve mental health through breathing”
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Maeve, why did you choose for an internship at moonbird?

“As part of my studies in Health Technology, I was working on a project that resembled moonbird. The assignment was then to develop a device for people with panic and anxiety disorder symptoms. During my research I came across moonbird via Linkedin, and I found a company that had already brought such a device to the market!

Moonbird immediately appealed to me, because of its small scale, but especially for the product itself and their vision to improve mental health through breathing. I decided to send a message to moonbird via the website and quickly received a response. So now I’m here :).”

What was your role within moonbird?

“My main focus was a project focusing on research and product development. I have engaged in a literature study, surveys, co-creation sessions, and interviews to investigate user needs. It was truly amazing to be able to work on this. The team has always informed me well, but I was given all the space to develop the project independently.

Thanks to this research, I was able to speak to various people working in the field of breathing. This has resulted in a lot of pleasant and interesting conversations, which were super valuable. In addition, I helped with moonbird’s customer support and took on several small projects. This was always in consultation so that everything I did matched my interests.”

“It's great fun to work with a team that feels like a group of friends and is always there for each other”

What did you like about doing an internship at moonbird?

“From the very first moment moonbird felt like a warm bath. I have been welcomed with open arms, and there was a lot of room for my own perspective and thoughts. It's an internship, but it didn't feel like an internship, more like 'real' work in which I had as much voice as the rest of the team. My input was always appreciated.

It is amazing that at moonbird you get the flexibility to determine your own hours and location. As long as you feel good, and as long as the work is done, everything is fine. Above all, it is great fun to work with a team that is always there for each other, like a group of friends who work together. I think the team can be very proud of that.”

What is the best thing you have experienced during your internship?

“We have done many special things together. For example, we experienced several breathing sessions, guided by professional breathwork coaches. I felt it was very special that this was possible because it is actually something very vulnerable. I thought I would never be able to do this with others, but we did it as a group, which was very pleasant.

It's also special that I was really involved in everything. I was lucky that my internship exactly took place during the annual moonbird outing, in which of course team building was an important goal, but we also worked on moonbird’s strategy and objectives. During these sessions, my input was always heard, even though I was the intern and I had only been there for two weeks.”

“I have learned that everyone's input is important to create something beautiful like moonbird”

What do you take with you from your internship?

“I really learned a lot. Also lots of things that do not necessarily fit within my study, such as communication with customers, but also internally, with the team.

At moonbird, we do a lot ourselves, with a small but diverse team. Thanks to my internship I have seen that you need each other to be able to build something good together. Working together does not necessarily mean being dependent on each other, but rather that everyone's input is important. Everyone looks at things in a different way, and that is also necessary to create something beautiful together, such as moonbird.”

Why would you recommend an internship at moonbird?

“There is a lot to learn at moonbird and above all, there is a lot to choose from in what you want to learn. Whether you want to develop yourself more towards production, want to work on your presentation skills, or do something creative like creating advertising, everything is possible! Officially I had one permanent internship supervisor, but everyone within the team helped me with questions, anytime I needed support.

In short, I could not have wished for a better internship and I am grateful for the past five months. And of course I'm also very happy that I got to know everyone!”

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