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The use of moonbird in hospitals: "We are seeing very good results."

December 22nd, 2021,

5 min read

The use of moonbird in hospitals: "We are seeing very good results."featured image

Moonbird was developed as a tool that helps people relax, calm down, and sleep, in an easy and intuitive way. People like you who want to blow off steam after a long, busy day. People like your best friend, who long for an undisturbed night of sleep. This can also be people in a hospital or rehabilitation center, who, thanks to moonbird, can relax, unwind and recover faster.

Patients of the Multiversum psychiatric hospital, with various locations in Belgium, benefit greatly from using moonbird during their stay. Jan Dumon, a psychomotor therapist at Intermezzo, the department for people aged 65+ with a psychological vulnerability, explains how the device is used and how patients experience breathing with moonbird.

‘Breathing is your foundation: you always carry it with you, and it’s so powerful at the same time.’

Breathing with moonbird in a psychiatric hospital, what does that look like?

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Jan: “I work in a department called 'Intermezzo' at Multiversum, a psychiatric hospital in Mortsel, Belgium. Intermezzo is a care and treatment department where people aged 65 and older with a psychological vulnerability stay, for an average of around three months.

I myself am a psychomotor therapist and I guide people during various exercises in the field of sports, games, and relaxation so that they can experience and reflect on what movement, relaxation, and connecting with each other does with both their body and mind.

We offer for example yoga exercises, relaxation sessions, and so-called 'breathing breaks': breathing sessions with moonbird. During these sessions, moonbird is introduced individually or in pairs. We usually go through a four-week trajectory, in which first the feeling of breathing with moonbird can be experienced and we later focus on the themes that can be found in the moonbird app, focusing on stress, anxiety, and sleep.

In case it is too much for a patient to focus on both breathing and psycho-education (the guided audio 'journeys' in the app) at the same time, we choose to use moonbird in combination with relaxing music.”

Which added value does moonbird have for patients?

“Breathing exercises are in any case very beneficial for our patients. We see that it can really break the cycle of tension that some are sometimes trapped in. Your breath is the foundation: it's so simple and you always carry it with you, and at the same time it's so powerful. Moonbird can be of great added value here.

Before we started using moonbird in the hospital, we already made use of breathing exercises, often through guided audio clips or by looking at a screen. It is the tactile aspect of moonbird in particular that works so well. This makes breathing with the device very intuitive, and it literally gives patients something to hold on to. In addition, it is a discreet tool. You can use it anywhere and anytime you want to create a moment of peace for yourself, whether that is in your room with a cup of tea, or on the bus on the road.”

‘Breathing with moonbird really is my me-time moment.’

What feedback do you receive from patients?

“We generally receive very positive feedback from our patients and are also seeing great results. One patient recently said: 'Breathing with moonbird is really my me-time moment'. That's great because it's exactly what we want to encourage: to use moonbird as a moment for yourself in which you can feel and reconnect with your body and thoughts.

Many people find breathing with moonbird helpful. They often come and ask to use the device in their spare time, to take it into their room, and use it at a quiet moment. Others use moonbird purely during the breathing break sessions and practice breathing exercises they have learned in their room, without a device. Some patients ask if they can listen to the psycho-educational audio in the app again. This way they not only learn to breathe better, but they also discover why this is so beneficial to your body and mind. That's very important as well, if you’d ask me. This way it sticks and it helps people to continue to breathe. Already a number of patients have bought a moonbird for at home!”

Do you see more possibilities for the use of moonbird within mental health care?

"Definitely. I also work in the general psychiatric department and have used moonbird here as well. Recently, we’ve been able to achieve great results with a patient with autism. Moonbird offered this person a lot of support because she could literally hold on to it. The tactile guidance and the comforting feeling that breathing with moonbird gives, turned out to be of great help.

The psychologists at the hospital are also starting to ask about moonbird. They see the usefulness of a tool to guide you with your breathing, instead of, for example, counting the rhythm out loud. Unfortunately, we don't have enough moonbirds in the department yet to serve everyone. A great point of interest for the future.”

Moonbird within healthcare

Are you curious about the possibilities of using moonbird in your health care practice or department? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to explain more.

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Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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