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Get yourself a moonbird and donate to a good cause

November 24th, 2021,

3 min read

Get yourself a moonbird and donate to a good causefeatured image

"Hello moonbird, do you have a Black Friday sale too?"⁣. Well yes. But we’d rather donate our ‘deal’ to a good cause. Here’s why.

Black Friday

In the week of Black Friday - it’s not just a day anymore, rather a whole week of discount madness - people worldwide are looking for the best deal to make them happy.

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, originally to describe the chaos that ensued at football games in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving in the mid-20th century. The term eventually took on a new definition in the 1980s, when retailers began achieving large profits on this day. And while Thanksgiving serves as an opportunity for people to forget about their worries and enjoy the moment, Black Friday shopping can cause the opposite effect.

At moonbird, we’re on a mission to help people worldwide find more happiness, relaxation, calmness, and health in their lives. Simply by breathing. We want to encourage you to stay mindful, be who you are, enjoy the moment, and let go of the sometimes challenging world around you. We aim to make a positive contribution to mental health, as it’s of crucial importance to anyone’s wellbeing.

Donate to charity: 'De Warmste Week'

During Black Friday, we want to contribute even further. If you order your moonbird now and use the code DONATE10, we will donate €10 of the amount to the charity of De Warmste Week, by VRT. ‘Be who you are’ is this year’s theme, and we couldn’t support this more 💙

Order your moonbird. Use DONATE10 upon check-out.

De Warmste Week

De Warmste Week is a solidarity initiative by Belgium tv/radio station VRT, which is organized annually in the week before Christmas, from December 18 to 24.

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