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Burnout coach explains: the key is in the combination of breathing, sleep, nutrition and movement

June 21st, 2022,

5 min read

Burnout coach explains: the key is in the combination of breathing, sleep, nutrition and movementfeatured image

In our busy and often hectic world, consciously seeking relaxation is essential for staying healthy and in balance. The question is: how do you do that? Myriam Deroo, stress and burnout coach, heart coherence trainer, and career coach, shares her tips and insights.

Myriam, what drives your work?

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"My mission is to support people in finding the right path for themselves. A path with less stress and more resilience and with time to do the things that make you happy.

I love to teach people a very simple and efficient breathing method and watch the changes it brings to their lives and how it makes them a different person. With simple coaching tools, I can help people gain insight and move them in the direction they want. I love to bring positivity to people who can’t see life as bright as they would want to.

My own 'glimmers' and 'glows' (from the polyvagal theory: things that make me calm and happy) I find primarily in nature, my pets, and activities with my family."

You are a stress and burn out coach. At which moments do you experience stress yourself, and how does it manifest itself?

"I get stressed when I have a hundred to-dos in my head and want to keep ten balls in the air at once. Instead of focusing on one task, I am already thinking of the next four that need to be done.

This manifests itself in my body through palpitations, breathing incorrectly, and clenching my jaw. These signals clearly appear when my body tells me that it is time for a breather or for relaxation. This especially happens when I have an endless to-do list that I'm trying to complete but know I won't succeed."

What are your tips for reducing stress?

"Healthy living is the basis for stress regulation and burnout prevention. As far as I am concerned, this has four foundations: breathing, sleep, nutrition and movement.

I myself find my daily exercise in walking the dog or cycling in nature - I’m lucky to have a nature reserve nearby. When you move your body in nature, you can't be occupied with anything else at the time, so it calms your nervous system.

In addition, I like to do hatha yoga or iyengar yoga, to counteract pain, tension, and stiffness in my body. I do this once a week. I really need this! It gives me energy and releases stress. I also do a weekly fitness session to keep my body - which is already showing some flaws - as good and fit as possible. Sometimes I attend a Pilates class, where the focus is on your core. I also like to swim, on average once a week. This loosens up my body, while in the meantime I listen to 'feel good' music.

Daily breathing exercises are also essential for reducing and regulating stress. I myself breathe two or three times a day with moonbird, my friend at bedtime. By consciously breathing slowly it’s much easier to fall asleep and sleep through the night. I pay great attention to my sleep hygiene and getting enough sleep.

Finally, healthy eating has a great influence as well. I myself eat less and less meat and more and more vegetables. I can easily achieve this through Hello Fresh or Foodbag, for example."

Which self-care rituals should not be missed during the day?

"Relaxation, first of all. I don't let myself be rushed as much as I used to, and I notice it’s paying off. By getting up early in the morning, I have the peace and quiet to shower and get ready at my own pace, and I have time to pay the necessary attention to the dog. Then I can start my working day focused and energized.

Breathing exercises are very important throughout the day. I try to take a break every afternoon to do them, and preferably also to go outside for a bit. I take a walk around every hour anyway because I have chronic back pain - so sitting down really kills me.

A calm evening ritual is also important. Make sure you have enough relaxation in the evening and before going to bed by watching something on TV, reading a book, or listening to music. And always end the day with a breathing exercise, while reflecting on the glimmers (positive emotions) of the day."

What has doing breathing exercises brought you personally?

"Heart coherence has completely changed my life and me as a person. Every day, it helps me through all the stress and pressure that comes with work and life in general.

Heart coherence teaches you to put things that happen into perspective, it teaches you to look at the positive, it brings you to rest, it ensures that you can function better, it ensures that you can say the right things at the right time, it ensures that you pay attention to others and can better connect and coregulate (insights from the polyvagal theory)."

How do you use moonbird for breathing?

"I use moonbird mainly in the evening, during my breathing exercise before going to bed. Sometimes with measurement via the app, sometimes without. I usually choose my own personal setting, which makes it easy when you don't have to look at your smartphone.

I always explain moonbird to my coachees and allow them to try it out. I have one device they can take home with them if they want. Also during my lectures and workshops, I take moonbird along to demonstrate."

What do you like about breathing with moonbird?

"I particularly like the tactile aspect: that you don't have to look at anything, you just feel and follow the movement in your hand.”

Final question, what is your motto in life?

"What you radiate to people, you get back!"

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