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What we’re reading and loving - August ‘21

September 1st, 2021,

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What we’re reading and loving - August ‘21featured image

The world is full of wonders. At moonbird, we like to stay curious. Every month, we highlight those ‘discoveries’ that sparked our interest. Fresh inspiration. We breathe it all in, filling our bodies with new ideas.

The word inspiration is beautiful in itself. On the one hand it means something that mentally stimulates you. But inspiration also means to breathe in. These two meanings poetically combine when you think of yourself breathing in thoughts, creations and other wonders. Keep breathing, stay inspired.

Here’s what we’re reading and loving in August ‘21.

Art objects: Incorporate calm in your home

Vitra’s resting animals bring you instant calm via emotional contagion. Resting Animals are the result of a research project by Front focussing on the close connection between humans and figurative objects.

The designs are inspired by a group of slumbering creatures – Resting Animals – whose poses exude a serene tranquillity. Resting Animals not only bring a touch of nature into the home; their peaceful presence goes beyond the visual to communicate a sense of contentment and companionship.

Handmade gifts: Penduka

Looking for a nice gift? Go check out Penduka. Penduka is a social enterprise and training centre for local, less privileged women in Namibia.

After skill training talented artisans become part of the Penduka Village production team, earning a fair income from sales of the beautiful, unique handmade products. Those with entrepreneurial skills will be supported to start up on their own.

Documentary: Starting a brand new life

Always wanted to leave everything behind and start anew? Watch the Netflix documentary Expedition Happiness and be inspired.

Two free spirits, one dog. Traveling the vast spaces of an enormous continent in search of something more.

Book: Healing comes from within

Having control over your own health sounds like a utopia to many, but Pascale Bruinen explains how it can be done.

With her book Zelfherstel van binnenuit’ (only available in Dutch) you learn to activate your self-healing capacity using your mental strength, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

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