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What we’re reading and loving - July ‘21

July 31st, 2021,

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What we’re reading and loving - July ‘21featured image

The world is full of wonders. At moonbird, we like to stay curious. Every month, we highlight those ‘discoveries’ that sparked our interest. Fresh inspiration. We breathe it all in, filling our bodies with new ideas.

The word inspiration is beautiful in itself. On the one hand it means something that mentally stimulates you. But inspiration also means to breathe in. These two meanings poetically combine when you think of yourself breathing in thoughts, creations and other wonders. Keep breathing, stay inspired.

Here’s what we’re reading and loving in July ‘21.

Book: Fall in love with a love story

Want to fall in love with a beautiful story? In 1975, an Indian street artist and a Swedish tourist fell in love at first sight. She had to return home alone but he refused to give up. Weeks later, he set off on a 7,000km bike trip to rejoin her.

Read the book based on this true story ‘The  amazing story of the man who cycled from India to Sweden for love’. Or you can read the short version here.

Meditation method: Marina Abramovic

Performance artist Marina Abramovic loves meditation so much that she developed her own method incorporating breathing exercises, motion stillness and concentration. 

The audience plays a central role in this section of the exhibition. Emphasis is placed on consciously doing one thing at a time, often very slowly, to achieve a deeper awareness of the self and the outside world. Discover it for yourself here.

Yoga Mat: Namasté

To help you cope with the current pandemic, artist David Shringley x Artlead designed a special yoga mat with text giving you a lesson in acceptance and solidarity.

You can find it on artlead, a curated online marketplace and various art in public space projects.

Book: Build resilience

In our modern and often hectic world, we are constantly challenged by an overdose of stimuli. Our stress system is working overtime.

In the book ‘Van Stress naar Veerkracht’ (only available in Dutch) by Séverine van de Voorde you will find out how things can be done differently.

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