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What we’re reading and loving - November ‘21

December 20th, 2021,

2 min read

What we’re reading and loving - November ‘21featured image

The world is full of wonders. At moonbird, we like to stay curious. Every month, we highlight those ‘discoveries’ that sparked our interest. Fresh inspiration. We breathe it all in, filling our bodies with new ideas.

The word inspiration is beautiful in itself. On the one hand, it means something that mentally stimulates you. But inspiration also means to breathe in. These two meanings poetically combine when you think of yourself breathing in thoughts, creations, and other wonders. Keep breathing, stay inspired.

Here’s what we’re reading and loving in November ‘21.

Art: E.E.G. kissing

How does an online kiss feel? In E.E.G. KISS, artist duo Lancel/Maat investigates how a kiss can be translated into bio-feedback data. They deconstruct the kiss, to reconstruct a new synesthetic kissing ritual. In a Global Kiss-In, through feeling, seeing, hearing, touching all participants together share a kiss.

The artists: "Tele-presence technologies extend our bodies beyond biological boundaries in time and space, but they prevent us from touching. In a poetic, electric environment for kissing and measuring, for synchronizing and merging, we research a shared neuro-feedback system for networked kissing."

Time is now: NOWATCH

A watch that doesn’t tell you the time, but helps you stay in the present moment? Meet NOWATCH, the world’s first ‘Awareable’.

NOWATCH measures stress, temperature, heart rate, movement, and sleep, plus a range of other factors to help you become healthier, achieve focus and restore balance. A goal we couldn't agree more on.

Give: compliments

Words, especially kind ones, hold power and often stick with us. In the quiet moments, compliments can become mantras you can repeat to yourself when you’re struggling, silent confidence boosts on our low days. Little reasons to smile on an otherwise bleak day.

Warm your heart with the best compliments people have received.

Watch: The Possibilities Are Endless

Watch the documentary The Possibilities Are Endless to see what happens when all memories, knowledge, and experiences from your mind have been wiped.

The Possibilities Are Endless tells the incredible story of Edwyn Collins, the Scottish songwriter who suffered a stroke, an explosion in the brain so severe that it effectively deleted the contents of his mind. After a career as an internationally acclaimed lyricist, he lost all language and was only able to say two phrases: "The Possibilities are Endless" and "Grace Maxwell".

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