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What we’re reading and loving - September ‘21

September 29th, 2021,

2 min read

What we’re reading and loving - September ‘21featured image

The world is full of wonders. At moonbird, we like to stay curious. Every month, we highlight those ‘discoveries’ that sparked our interest. Fresh inspiration. We breathe it all in, filling our bodies with new ideas.

The word inspiration is beautiful in itself. On the one hand it means something that mentally stimulates you. But inspiration also means to breathe in. These two meanings poetically combine when you think of yourself breathing in thoughts, creations and other wonders. Keep breathing, stay inspired.

Here’s what we’re reading and loving in September ‘21.

Listen: Get into flow

Listening to music can be a meditation on its own. Listen to Grandbrothers magical bloodflow and be mesmerized by this song.

Grandbrothers is a maghnnificent piano/electronic duo formed in Düsseldorf by swiss Lukas Vogel and german Erol Sarp.

Care: Sheltersuits

These sheltersuits for homeless people designed by Chloé are just warming our hearts this autumn.

Sheltersuit is a non-profit organization providing immediate shelter to the homeless, while using upcycled materials and providing jobs. In this way, a Sheltersuit is an impactful product in itself, and goes beyond the possibility of providing warmth, comfort and dignity.

Read: The power of breathing

Read Breathe - a life in flow by the legendary Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master Rickson Gracie and discover the power of breathing.

With never-before-seen photos and profound insights into the sport and way of life that only a studied legend can provide, Breathe is an entertaining and magnified view of an enduring legacy as well as an inspiring tale of weathering life's complexities and overcoming them with style and grace.

Watch: Heal

Watch Netflix documentary Heal to learn how we can use our bodies to cure ourselves.

In this documentary film you’ll be taken on a scientific and spiritual journey where you discover that by changing your perceptions, the human body can heal itself from any dis-ease.

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