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Moonbird relaxes your body at any moment. It is a powerful tool for people who suffer from anxiety, stress or insomnia.

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Using your moonbird is easy and effortless. Even with your eyes closed.

  • 1.

    Breathe in

    Feel the moonbird expand in your hand. Breathe in.
  • 2.

    Breathe out

    Moonbird contracts and becomes smaller. Breathe out. Feel the stress and anxiety fade away with each breath.
  • 3.

    With or without phone

    Select an exercise in the app or use moonbird without a phone.
  • 4.

    Place thumb on the sensor

    Without a phone, your moonbird starts moving by placing your thumb on its sensor.
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Scientifally-proven: users sleep better and fall asleep faster with moonbird

Slow breathing is the easiest, all-natural way to combat insomnia. We have seen statistically significant improvements across our scientific studies.

  • 37% higher sleep quality
  • 30% more refreshed from sleep
  • 28% faster sleep onset
  • 26% longer sleep duration
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5,000,000+ minutes of slow breathing

Moonbird is recommended by therapists and doctors as a supportive treatment tool for stress, anxiety and sleeping problems

  Medication Therapy Moonbird
No addiction
Long-term effect
Always available
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Hand holding moonbird
  • Sleep 2.5 x faster

    Scientifically-proven results on multiple sleep parameters

  • All natural

    no therapeutics or drugs involved, just your breathing

  • Easy and intuitive

    no need for thinking or counting, simply breathe along

  • Biofeedback

    see the positive impact on your body

  • Different exercises

    Six pre-defined exercises, or set your own custom rhythm

  • No smartphone

    No screens or app to keep you awake

Person holding moonbird

Try moonbird for 30 days.
Without any risk.

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  • 30-day-trial period
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Test it for 30 days. Without any risk.

Calm breathing is the most effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower your stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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