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Breathing exercises have never been easier

More than 400 therapists use moonbird for anxiety, stress & sleep: "simple and effective"

Hold moonbird in your hand and simply breathe along

Slow breathing is the easiest way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Moonbird makes it intuitive and easy to do breathing exercises.

  • Decrease stress in 5 min
  • Fall asleep within 8 min
  • Realtime bio-feedback on HR and HRV
  • Use anywhere, anytime
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5,000,000+ minutes of slow breathing

Using your moonbird is easy and effortless. Even with your eyes closed.

  • 1.

    Breathe in

    Feel the moonbird expand in your hand. Breathe in.
  • 2.

    Breathe out

    Moonbird contracts and becomes smaller. Breathe out. Feel more relaxed with each breath.
  • 3.

    With or without phone

    Select an exercise in the app or use moonbird without a phone.
  • 4.

    Place thumb on the sensor

    Without a phone, your moonbird starts moving by placing your thumb on its sensor.

Inner peace, in your hands

Use it anywhere, anytime. Moonbird guides you through slow-paced breathing exercises. You can track the effect on your body via the app. Finding inner peace was never that easy.


Scientifically proven: better sleep and less anxiety

Moonbird users experience instant relief

  • 81% feel more refreshed during the day
  • 5 minutes of slow breathing decreases anxiety
  • 78% experience better sleep quality

Test it for 30 days. Without any risk.

Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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Why not just use an app for this?

I’ve tried some of the popular breathing / meditation apps. But apps are not so much my thing, it’s very hard to keep being focused. Having the tactile element of expansion/contraction in your hand makes it so much easier to keep your focus. You don’t have to do anything, just follow your moonbird.

Raphaelle, 42 years old

Moonbird vs. meditation and breathwork apps

  Meditation apps Therapy Moonbird
No screen/phone required
Personalised breathing exercises
One-time purchase
Tactile guidance

Moonbird Magazine

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Tips & Tricks

Why breathing is exploding in popularity as an effective self-care tool

Breathwork. Just another hype or the secret weapon for a stress-free life?

Test it for 30 days. Without any risk.

Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that moonbird really works?

    The breathing exercises of moonbird are backed by extensive amounts of scientific research. We developed a new way of supporting people during the breathing exercises. Moonbird provides tactile feedback, instead of visual or auditive cues used in most guidance tools. After developing our moonbird, we did several user tests to gather feedback and improve our device. This project was supervised by doctors and pharmacists. We also did an objective high-density EEG study to investigate brain connectivity during moonbird slow-paced breathing. What did we find? Moonbird assisted breathing resulted in a less active brain, but more structured brain connectivity. This means that moonbird helps you to calm the mind, unwind and relax. Lastly, moonbird was tested in people suffering from sleeping problems. On average 80% of the people with sleeping problems reported almost 40% better sleep quality and felt more refreshed during the day. You can check the impact of the breathing exercises on your body for yourself, via the built-in biofeedback function in the app. Breathing slowly is one of the best ways to increase HRV and reduce stress.

  • How do I use moonbird?

    Moonbird is a physical breathing guide: it expands and contracts in the hand, providing you a slow pace to match with your breathing rhythm. Breathe in while the device expands, and breathe out while the device contracts in the palm of your hand. You don't have to think or count your breaths anymore, all you need to do is breathe along. Do you want to see the impact of the exercises on your body? Moonbird incorporates a photoplethysmogram​​ (PPG) sensor that acquires heart rate data and comes with a mobile app. The app presents real-time biofeedback on HR and HRV and the level of coherence. The app also allows you to select different exercises or set your own personal breathing rhythm.

  • Can I get reimbursed for my moonbird?

    Yes, there are already some health insurances that reimburse (part of) your purchase. Zilveren Kruis (NL), Menzis (NL), CM (BE), Helan (BE) for instance, partly reimburse your purchase. Please check here for more information. Please contact your personal or professional insurer and ask them if they reimburse moonbird.

  • Can I use moonbird with my family or friends?

    Yes, you can share and use one moonbird with multiple users. Everyone with a moonbird can pick up the device and start an offline excercise. To share moonbird when using the app, you can create an account per user and use the same moonbird to connect with the different accounts. To do this, just create a new account when opening the application. This way, the data is separated for each user.

  • What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

    You can try moonbird for free for 30 days. If you're not happy, we're not happy. You can return your moonbird for any reason. Use the return form included in the shipping box to return your moonbird or contact the helpdesk.

  • Do I need to use an app to use moonbird?

    You don't need the app to use moonbird. The device is specially designed so that it can be used both with or without a smartphone. If you want to use moonbird without your smartphone, just activate it via the intuitive wake & shake principle.


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