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How breathing with moonbird helps relieve asthma symptoms

March 29th, 2022,

3 min read

How breathing with moonbird helps relieve asthma symptomsfeatured image

We developed moonbird to help as many people as possible sleep better, be more relaxed, and better manage their stress levels. Whoever needs it, at any moment in time. We recently received a hopeful message from Lise (44) who, thanks to learning to breathe calmly, has been able to drastically reduce her asthma symptoms.

We asked Lise how slow breathing, guided by moonbird, has contributed to a fitter and healthier life.

Lise, what did your asthma symptoms look like?

“My asthma was first diagnosed when I was 28, but I probably had it for several years. Medical examination indicated exercise-induced asthma and a grass and tree allergy.

Initially, my treatment consisted of the use of a puffer (bronchodilator) to relieve acute symptoms. Over time, this turned into chronic use of puffers with anti-inflammatory medication, eventually also combined with antihistamines. Ten years later, I was still a loyal sponsor of the pharmacy.”

How did breathing play a role in your recovery?

“In my search for a scientifically substantiated alternative to medication, I came across the Buteyko method through Sophrology (a gentle, dynamic relaxation method, ed.) and Prof. Steven Laureys.

With the help of a Buteyko therapist in my area, I came up with quite a few insights and concrete exercises to get started with. These exercises quickly yielded results, with the main consequence that I have been able to go without all medication since then. I'm not completely asthma-free, but I have more control over it now."

What exercises and insights did you receive?

“The most important insight I received was about the way I was breathing, which was high up in my chest, and through the mouth. The focus of the exercises was therefore mainly on abdominal breathing, through the nose.

Taping my mouth shut at night has also had a huge effect on my health, even if it was scary at first. I've been doing it every night for about five years now! Other exercises I learned included control pause breathing, breathing through one nostril, keeping my mouth closed during exertion, and slow breathing.”

You decided to get yourself a moonbird to breathe with, why?

“The awareness of and attention to my breathing quickly gave results, but at the same time it also made me realize that regular and consistent practice is necessary to learn a new breathing pattern. Moonbird helps me with that. Also, the need for feedback and daily motivation prompted me to purchase a moonbird.”

How do you use your moonbird?

“I try to use my moonbird three times a day for ten minutes, although in reality I rarely get to this. Usually, I do the basic exercise, and once a week I choose one from the rest of the exercises.

Moonbird fits comfortably in your hand, something I like about it. Even without the app, it’s convenient to use, because then there are no visual stimuli - something we already have an abundance of during the day. You can simply close your eyes and put all your focus on your breathing.

Through the app you also get feedback about your heart rate variability. This was new to me, since it is not really addressed within the Buteyko method. In the beginning it was a bit of a search for what I could do myself to control my heart rate variability, but with practice, it became clearer.”

Breathing with moonbird

It expands and contracts in your hand, you simply breathe along with the rhythm. Discover what breathing with moonbird can do for you.

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Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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