How moonbird helps to relax with fear of the dentist

March 1st, 2022,

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How moonbird helps to relax with fear of the dentistfeatured image

Moonbird helps you relax and unwind, where and when you need it. In the evening in bed to quickly doze off, during your lunch break to refresh your mind, or directly in the morning, for the best start of your day.

Because moonbird fits in any bag, you can take it anywhere. And that's great. Just think for example about your next dental visit, where you've never laid down in the chair so relaxed. Heart coherence and mindfulness coach Kim Demeyere, who frequently uses moonbird together with her clients, took the test, and here she shares her experiences.

For people who are tense or anxious, moonbird helps to relax.

How moonbird helps to relax at the dentist

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Kim: “During a long 'procedure' (denervation) of an hour and a half, I decided to take moonbird with me to relax. Fortunately, I don't have any fear of a dentist visit, but I thought it would be good to take moonbird along and experience what this does.

I chose the 30-minute program and I immediately relaxed while paying attention to my breathing, very easy!”

Calm your nervous system in stressful situations and in pain

“As a coach, I am already familiar with heart coherence breathing exercises, so I see it as an extra moment of relaxation for myself. For those who are a little more nervous, breathing with moonbird can be a useful tool to help them breathe slowly, and calm their nervous system. The dentist himself certainly saw added value as well!”

The power of breathing during stressful moments

“For people who are tense or anxious, moonbird helps to relax. The scientifically based breathing exercises and calming rhythm are very useful. This can be of added value at the dentist, for a minor procedure under local anesthetic, or even while waiting to enter your oral exam. Doing a breathing exercise is much more useful than panicky 'reading' your summaries because you go in cool, calm, and controlled!"

The ease of breathing with moonbird

“Breathing with moonbird is pleasant because it is very intuitive. The tool feels very soft and has a nice design. Another advantage is that you can use it without a screen (or possibly with a screen, if you want to follow your statistics in real-time). Sometimes people think it's a 'different' toy, haha. But no! More than 90% of my clients think it is a great device, and many now have one at home.”

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