How moonbird can reduce employee’s stress levels at work

August 24th, 2021,

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How moonbird can reduce employee’s stress levels at workfeatured image

People are the heart of any business. It’s therefore of crucial importance for organizations to focus on the wellbeing of their employees. Moonbird is specifically developed to induce relaxation for people suffering from stress, anxiety or sleeping problems.

We recently partnered up with the global strategy and business design firm Board of Innovation and organised a pilot project to support the health and mental wellbeing within corporate teams.

Increase mental wellbeing of employees

The main goal of the pilot was to increase the mental wellbeing of the employees, by breathing with moonbird. We specifically looked at participant’s stress levels, mood, sleep and feelings of panic and anxiety. Seven participants were included in the project. The pilot continued for almost three months, in which the participants attended three interactive workshops and an extra follow up moment halfway through the pilot. And - of course - they breathed with moonbird.

The more you breathe with moonbird, the lower your stress levels become

Even though the project was small in set-up, the first results seem promising. Not only can regularly breathing with moonbird help you reduce your stress levels, also we noticed a higher HRV among participants who breathed with moonbird - which is an indicator for good health.

The more participants breathed with moonbird, the more coherent their breathing became, indicating they got better at reducing their stress levels. This is one of the main reasons we created moonbird: helping people to easily and effortlessly take care of their (mental) health, simply by breathing.

This is also seen by Paul Van Den Bosch, professional sports and business coach and co-founder of Energy Lab, a Belgium organization that helps other companies with their corporate wellbeing and the optimal performance of their employees.

As a professional sports and business coach, I know what it means to constantly having to perform under pressure. I strongly believe in the power of breathing. I never miss a single day doing my breathing exercises. A tool such as moonbird is very useful to guide people with their breathing, to let them relax and to teach them how to breathe more consciously.

moonbird can be a valuable tool to reduce stress at work

The conclusion? Moonbird can be a valuable tool to manage your stress levels at work and improve (mental) health in general. And obviously not only at work. Whether you are at the office, at home or on the road: you don’t have to feel stressed. Keep on breathing 🌿

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