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Personal story: how moonbird helps to sleep better

April 5th, 2022,

3 min read

Personal story: how moonbird helps to sleep betterfeatured image

We developed moonbird to help as many people as possible sleep better, be more relaxed, and better manage their stress levels. Whoever needs it, at any moment in time. We recently received an inspiring message from Bea (61), who has seen the quality of her nights - and days - improve greatly, thanks to breathing with moonbird.

Getting a good night’s rest is a big challenge for many people. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We asked Bea how moonbird has helped her sleep.

My regular breathing is shallow and high up in my chest. With moonbird, I can now easily follow the calming rhythm.

Bea, what challenges did you have with sleeping?

“I especially had trouble falling asleep. I am a night person and often work until late, sitting in front of my computer… It’s not easy then to calm my mind when I want to sleep.

I toss and turn and start thinking. And the more I think, the more intense my thoughts. Of course, that doesn't help me sleep. Moreover, a bad reflex often follows: I reach for my smartphone as a distraction and start looking at Instagram or Netflix. This way it’s getting later and later, and I am anything but asleep.

As a result, I often didn't feel well-rested in the morning. I may be an evening person, but things have to be done in the morning too. Actually, I never felt fit and energized.”

What have you tried to sleep better?

“As I tend to quickly grab my smartphone as a distraction, I'm now trying to manage my smartphone use better. For example, I removed the Netflix and Facebook app from my mobile and I try to limit endless scrolling by allowing myself ten minutes of screentime. That already helps, but sometimes I still forget the time…

Sleep medication is something I have never wanted and will never take. If you take a pill at night to sleep, you will need something else during the day to keep you awake and focused. Or you become dependent, and I would never want that. I'd rather lie awake at night."

You now have a moonbird at home, how are you sleeping now?

“Thanks to moonbird, my sleep has improved greatly. I am genuinely very happy with it. For example yesterday evening, after a long and busy day, I grabbed my moonbird in bed instead of my mobile phone. I fell asleep in no time, even with my moonbird in hand (so I didn't finish the whole program) and I slept through the whole night.

I discovered moonbird through an article somewhere and I was immediately interested. I then gifted myself a green (my favorite color) moonbird, which has turned out to be a very worthwhile investment. I've had it for about two months now and I'm sleeping like never before."

Were you already familiar with the power of slow breathing?

“I practice yoga and meditation, in which you also work a lot with the breath. However, I was never really good at it, as I am a ‘bad’ breather. My regular breathing is shallow and high up in my chest. During yoga classes I never managed to do breathing exercises properly, it felt very unnatural to me.

With moonbird I do succeed, I can now easily follow the calming rhythm. The voice of the person who guides the breathing exercises in the moonbird app is also very soothing, which works very well. It makes me super relaxed.”

Why would you recommend moonbird to others with sleeping problems?

“Moonbird works very well and is easy to use. You don't have to read long manuals to get started, I'm not good at that anyway. You can start breathing right away. It is a very good tool in every way, it just works!”

Discover how breathing with moonbird works and what it can do for your sleep.

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Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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