Stefanie Broes, co-founder moonbird: Slow down to go faster

August 25th, 2021,

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In our busy and often hectic world, consciously seeking ways to relax is essential to stay well-balanced. The question is: how do you do that? We ask experts to share their tips & tricks with us. Stefanie Broes, co-founder of moonbird, likes to slow things down.

Stefanie Broes

Stefanie, co-founder of moonbird, studied biomedical sciences and has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, but besides endeavoring an academic career she chose the entrepreneur life. "Before starting moonbird, I worked in two other startups but I came to the conclusion that the mission of the company I worked for had to align with my personal values. I particularly wanted to do something in life that could help myself and others. When I discovered the power of slow breathing and meditation, I wanted to allow more people to experience this too but I found the right tools to be lacking. So me and my brother started moonbird, a startup that creates tools to help people relax, just by breathing."

How do you notice you’re in need of relaxation?

"I mainly notice it in my body and my mood. Physically, I notice a tense feeling in my shoulders and back. I then shift into higher gear and start to do everything faster, like I’m in a hurry. At the same time, my mood drops and I just can’t make jokes anymore. I also notice I need to relax more when my sleep is getting worse, which is the basis for a healthy happy life."

What do you do when you notice this?

"I consciously try to slow things down a bit. By doing breathing exercises with my moonbird, meditating, taking a bath, cycling, going out into nature or hanging out with friends."

What has conscious breathing brought you?

“Breathing exercises have changed my life in many ways. First of all, it helps me sleep better - I'm a very sensitive, bad sleeper. I use my breath when my mind is spinning around, it helps me relax. Conscious breathing also helps me to do short check-ins with myself, to feel how I'm doing. The beautiful thing about your breath is that it's always there with you. It's truly one of the greatest instruments you'll ever own, it's just a matter of learning to become aware of it. "

What’s your favorite moment to use moonbird?

"I'm a bad sleeper, so I use moonbird mostly before going to sleep, in my bed, to doze off..."

What do you like about breathing with moonbird?

"It has really become my buddy. The tactile movement helps me pay much more attention to my breathing. When I feel worried and have a troubled mind at night I just can't manage to meditate. I then need that little extra support, which moonbird provides."

What is your motto in life?

"Too often we're rushing through our lives, going from one thing to another, always busy with the next thing. At least, that's how I found myself rushing through my life. And I still sometimes do. But I try to become aware of this and really arrive in the moment. This helps me to savor moments more. And on top, it makes you actually more efficient. That's why my favorite motto is "Slow down to go faster"."

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