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How moonbird supports people with autism in stress management and sensory processing

March 23rd, 2022,

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How moonbird supports people with autism in stress management and sensory processingfeatured image

We developed moonbird to help as many people as possible sleep better, be more relaxed, and better manage their stress levels. Whoever needs it, at any moment in time. From our network of Auticoaches - coaches with expertise in the field of autism - we receive many positive stories about how moonbird specifically supports people with autism in stress management and sensory processing.

This also applies to Stiene van den Eynde, Auticoach at Mind-Z, an independent practice specialized in autism spectrum disorder. How does moonbird help her clients, and why does it work better than other solutions?

The tactile stimulus of moonbird ensures that the mind does not start to wander and that attention remains focused.

What challenges do you see specifically in people with an autism spectrum disorder?

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Stiene: “People with autism suffer a lot from stress. Things that in general do not cause much stress for people without an autism spectrum disorder, do so for those with autism. For example, it could be about a smell, an itching clothing label, a bus that arrives two minutes late, a teacher who is absent, or a colleague who makes an ambiguous statement.

People with autism are also more likely to suffer from burnout, depression, anxiety problems, sleeping problems, or panic attacks.”

How does moonbird help people with autism with these challenges?

“By teaching preventive breathing exercises - through heart coherence training - when they are calm, my clients learn to use their breathing to improve their mental well-being and to reach a state of inner peace when they need it.

They can easily practice this with moonbird since you can take it with them everywhere they go. I also notice that the tactile stimulus of moonbird, the expansion and contracts, ensures that their minds do not start spinning and that they can keep their attention more focused on the act of breathing.

When they learn to do these breathing exercises well, they can continue independently - after all, you can take moonbird with you everywhere. A panic attack at work, a stressful situation on the bus… Moonbird can guide people through the day in all kinds of situations.”

Why is it that moonbird might work better than other solutions?

“I am particularly convinced of the heart coherence breathing method for people with autism. And thus also of moonbird, because this tool can guide you perfectly in practicing heart coherence. Many people with autism find yoga, meditation, or mindfulness too woolly. They lose themselves in thoughts, don't know what to feel, or are annoyed by vague language.

Heart coherence uses biofeedback to show how you feel, on the inside. That is something that not everyone with autism can feel well. You can simply read on your screen whether you are doing well or less so, depending on how long or easily you can stay in balance. Moreover, heart coherence is backed by science, something many people with autism find important.”

World Autism Day

Saturday, April 2nd is World Autism Day - a day founded by the United Nations to pay attention to autism spectrum disorder worldwide. This is also the day that Stiene launches her new online heart coherence training. You can find more information at

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Calm breathing is an effective way to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and lower stress levels. It helps to get stress out of your body and calms your mind. Let moonbird guide you: easy, intuitive and effective.

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