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How to get the best out of yourself and your skin? Desirée Pelgrom shares her tips and insights.

January 6th, 2023,

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How to get the best out of yourself and your skin? Desirée Pelgrom shares her tips and insights.featured image

In our busy and often hectic world, consciously seeking ways to relax is essential to stay well-balanced. The question is: how do you do that? We ask experts to share their tips & tricks with us. Desirée Pelgrom, entrepreneur, mom of Shae & Cate and married to Paul & beauty blogger at, likes to slow things down.

What drives you in your work?

Desirée "I love giving women, especially mothers, a moment of relaxation in their busy lives. I want to help them get the best out of themselves and their skin,to glow inside and out!. Especially for moms who have a caring role, it’s important to teach them that putting yourself first is not selfish but very necessary."

How do you notice you’re in need of relaxation?

Even though she is well aware of how to relax, Desirée can get caught up in the hustle and the bustle of everyday live too: "As soon as the pressure gets too high, I notice it immediately: more tension headaches, tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, less concentration, bad nights and a short temper towards my surroundings. I know...sorry Paul & kids!"

What do you do when you notice this?

Fortunately, she knows has to spot the signals early on so she can get to action. "What helps me with this is going into nature for a brisk walk with a nice playlist on and our little dog Coosje beside me. Rain or shine. I pay attention to the signals early on instead of just going on and on. I try to take action; going to bed earlier, scheduling less 'musts' in one day, being online less etc."

What has conscious breathing brought you?

We were curious to know what role breathing plays in her arsenal of anti-stress tools. "After just one breathing exercise, a positive effect was immediately noticeable, but with regular exercise, I felt a real change. This resulted in better sleep, more focus and concentration and, above all, more inner peace. Very remarkable and above all very welcome!"

What’s your favorite moment to use moonbird?

"I use the moonbird for personal use, at various moments. While watching a series on the couch, during a quiet moment in bed or even as an energy boost after a long day of sitting behind the computer coping with deadlines."

What do you like about breathing with moonbird?

"Perhaps the thing I like most about moonbird is its 'simplicity'. And I mean this in a good way!. You just shake it and start an exercise. No preparation needed. An instant moment of rest and positive benefits to get through the day or fall asleep better. Love it!" And we couldn’t agree more with her.

What is your motto in life?

"Dare to put yourself first, that's where your growth will begin ♥."

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