Burnout and recovery
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Hold moonbird in your hand and simply breathe along

Slow breathing can help to rebalance the nervous system when you are recovering from burnout. Moonbird makes it intuitive and easy to do breathing exercises.

  • Simple, concrete and effective
  • Intuitive, tactile guidance
  • Realtime bio-feedback on HR and HRV
  • Use anywhere, anytime
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5,000,000+ minutes of slow breathing

Using your moonbird is easy and effortless. Even with your eyes closed.

  • 1.

    Breathe in

    Feel the moonbird expand in your hand. Breathe in.
  • 2.

    Breathe out

    Moonbird contracts and becomes smaller. Breathe out. Feel more relaxed with each breath.
  • 3.

    With or without phone

    Select an exercise in the app or use moonbird without a phone.
  • 4.

    Place thumb on the sensor

    Without a phone, your moonbird starts moving by placing your thumb on its sensor.

Scientifically proven: less exhaustion and better mental health

Moonbird users experience instant relief

  • 81% feel more refreshed during the day
  • 1 day of slow breathing relieves burnout symptoms
  • 80% better mental health according to our users

Why not just use an app for this?

I’ve tried some of the popular breathing / meditation apps. But apps are not so much my thing, it’s very hard to keep being focused. Having the tactile element of expansion/contraction in your hand makes it so much easier to keep your focus. You don’t have to do anything, just follow your moonbird.

Raphaelle, 42 years old

Moonbird vs. meditation and breathwork apps

  Meditation apps Therapy Moonbird
No screen/phone required
Personalised breathing exercises
One-time purchase
Tactile guidance
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Burnout coach explains: the key is in the combination of breathing, sleep, nutrition and movement

Myriam Deroo is stress & burn out coach, heart coherence trainer and career coach, and shares her tips and insights.

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