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Elisabeth Honinx, researcher at moonbird: The right moment? Sometimes it's now

September 5th, 2021,

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Elisabeth Honinx, researcher at moonbird: The right moment? Sometimes it's nowfeatured image

In our busy and often hectic world, consciously seeking ways to relax is essential to stay well-balanced. The question is: how do you do that? We ask experts to share their tips & tricks with us. Meet Elisabeth Honinx, Postdoctoral Researcher at moonbird.

Elisabeth Honinx

"Nice to meet you, my name is Elisabeth. Today, I work at moonbird as a post-doctoral researcher. Before that I immersed myself in psychology, neuropsychology (MA) and social health sciences (PhD). The last five years or so I became more and more fascinated by the world of digital health, next to my interests in science and mental health. When moonbird approached me to start a research project together, it was as if all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place."

How do you notice you’re in need of relaxation?

“As soon as I go into overdrive, I get headaches and fatigue and feel irritable. Then I know I can (read: should) take it easy. Or my environment will tell me to do so.”

What do you do when you notice this?

“At such a moment I like to go out into the fresh air, for example for a walk. A good night's sleep also goes a long way. Preferably, if possible, I try to take some time off to recharge. I plan a trip to a sunny place. And just do nothing."

What has conscious breathing brought you?

“Getting in touch with breathing exercises has made me think more consciously about the power of breathing. For example, I find myself often thinking about it during the day, during physical activities, during a difficult moment or when I am nervous. In addition, I have learned a lot about it. The many articles on breathing that I devour as a researcher have greatly stimulated my curiosity.”

What’s your favorite moment to use moonbird?

“I prefer to use my moonbird in the evening on the couch, to take away the stress of the day. Or just before an important presentation, so that I can start relaxed.”

What do you like about breathing with moonbird?

“The moonbird is compact, has a beautiful design, is easy to use and feels very natural. I sometimes have the impression that I have a little pet.”

What is your favorite motto in life?

"The right time, it could be now."

Connect with Elisabeth?

Find her on Linkedin.

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